What's New at Photo Booths by SKP?

The short answer to the question above, is plenty.  Having just completed our first year in business we have taken some time recently to evaluate our business, learn more about the photo booth rental industry, and examine opportunities to add exciting new features to our rentals.

For those of you who have rented from us before, are friends, family or business acquaintances, or have considered renting from us in the past the first thing you may notice that is new is our website.  We just recently completed a transformation of our website that we believe better shows how we #bringtheFUN, smiles, and laughter to #capturethespirit of your event with our photo booth rentals.  

While we think our new website is great, we'd welcome feedback from you.  Tell us what you think.  Is it easy to navigate?  Can you find the information you're looking for quickly?  Is it aesthetically pleasing?  Does it tell the story of who we are?  What would you change? Add? Take away?  

Try it out on different platforms and let us know what you think.  Send us an email at shane@photoboothsbyskp.com with your feedback.

Another thing that's new is our School and Non-Profit Rental Program.  We realize that elementary schools, middle schools, junior highs, high schools and the PTO's and PTA's that fund many of the activities at these schools often have limited resources that may preclude them from adding a photo booth to their event.  We also realize that many non-profits are on tight budgets for their events and fundraisers, but would like to have a photo booth at their event for even more fun for their guests and donors.

Because we want everyone to have the opportunity to share in the fun, smiles, laughter, and memories created with a photo booth we've developed a program that can help reduce or eliminate the cost of renting our booth for schools or non-profits.  If you are a school administrator, PTO or PTA member, athletic director, fundraising director,  CEO of a non-profit or teacher and you'd like to know how you can add excitement to your event with a photo booth at a lower cost or possibly free please contact us at 515-446-9054 or complete and submit our Get a Quote form for more information.

We've upgraded the software that runs our photo booth and have been spending time learning more about all of it's great features and will soon be rolling out many new features including slide shows (see what's going on in the booth), texting and emailing of images, animated gifs, and incredible green screen experiences to name a few.

In addition to new booth features we have new props to use in the booth.  While  many have told us we have more, better quality, and a wider variety of props than other photo booth companies we are always looking for new props to add to our collection.  Recently we purchased some great new mustaches, glasses, lips and signs from Whisker Works that we love and have been very popular.  If you have any ideas of props you like we'd like to hear about them.  

We also have some great new opportunities for businesses in and around Des Moines to partner with us to #bringtheFUN, smiles, and laughter to #capturethespirit of events throughout the region.  Would your business benefit from partnering with a FUN company that creates lifelong memories for thousands of people throughout the year?  Would your company benefit from exposure at school events, fundraisers, festivals, fairs, or other community events?  If you answered yes to either of these questions give us a call (515-446-9054) or email us (shane@photoboothsbyskp.com) to discuss the opportunities available to help spread the fun, smiles, and laughter created with a photo booth.

Lastly, we are looking for new events where we can elevate the FUN and increase the smiles and laughter with a photo booth.  We're looking for New Years Eve Parties, Holiday Festivals, County Fairs, Music Festivals, Running Events, Biking Events, Community Festivals, 4th of July Celebrations, Family Events, and other events.  If you know of any events where people would enjoy having a photo booth please feel free to contact us with the name of the event and if you know, who to contact about registering as a vendor for the event.

Our first year in business has been great and we are focused on making our second year even better.  Keep an eye on our blog for more updates and information as we continue to grow and thank you to everyone who has helped make our first year in business a great one.  

Hoping your day is filled with fun, smile, and laughter.

Shane and Susan Kiesner

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