Wedding Photo Booth Ideas

In recent years photo booths have become a staple of wedding receptions.  Whether they be "selfie stations" or enclosed or open photo booths, everyone seems to want one at their wedding and with good reason.    Photo booths are a great way to keep guests entertained while capturing FUN and unique images and memories of your special day that may otherwise be missed.

Another trend we've noticed while attending weddings across Iowa, eastern Nebraska, northern Missouri, and southern Minnesota is couples ditching traditional reception staples like the bouquet and garter toss, the dollar dance and the traditional guest book for their own creative ways to celebrate their special day.

At Photo Booths by SKP we are also looking for fresh, fun ideas to ensure guests use the photo booth so the newlyweds end up with an album full of fun photos and fun, poignant messages from their guests.  

With that in mind we've come up with some new ways you can incorporate a photo booth into your wedding reception:

Photo Booth as a replacement for the Dollar Dance

There are a couple different ways that the photo booth can replace the dollar dance. The first option would be to request a donation from guests each time they use the photo booth during the course of the reception.  Another option is to have donations collected only during a designated time frame or while a specific set of songs is being played during the dance.  The donation request could be "advertised" to guests with a sign and donation collection container at the photo booth and an announcement or two from the DJ.

Photo Booth as a replacement for the traditional Guest Book

Which is a better way to remember that Grandpa and Grandma came to the wedding, a simple signature on a guest registry or a photo strip of the two of them wearing feather boa's and fedora's and personalized note in a leather memory album?  

A sign welcoming guests to the reception can include a request to use the photo booth and leave a strip and a note in the memory album in place of a signature in a guest book.  Again, the DJ can also encourage guests to use the photo booth for this purpose and the bride or groom can also do so when they thank guests for attending their wedding during their post-dinner thank you's.

We know from experience that people love having one of our photo booths at their wedding reception and using the photo booth in place of the dollar dance and/or the guest registry just provides additional incentive for guests to get dressed up using the wide variety of colorful, FUN, distincitve props we provide to have a FUN photo taken creating a unique memory of your special day!

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