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Smiling Dog Entertainment Rental Referral Program

Friends, family, and fans, could you use and extra $50, $75, $100 or more?

Who couldn’t, right?

Do you want others to experience the #FUN, smiles, laughter, and love that a photo booth from Photo Booths by SKP brings to an event like you did at yours?

Why wouldn’t you, right?

Introducing the Photo Booths by SKP Rental Referral Program

At Photo Booths by SKP have an opportunity for you to earn some extra spending money while sharing with others the #FUN, smiles, laughter, and love of a photo booth from Photo Booths by SKP with our new Photo Booth Rental Referral Program.

Simply refer Photo Booths by SKP to someone you know who might be considering a photo booth for their event or whose event might be enhanced by the extra #FUN, smiles, laughter, and love that a photo booth brings to any event!

Tell them, to tell us, you referred them when they request a quote, call, or book their rental. Contact us at or send us a message through Facebook Messenger and tell us whom you referred to Photo Booths by SKP so we can look for their request and so we can get the information necessary to send you your referral fee.

For each paid booking we receive based on your referrals we will pay you a referral fee of 10% of the total pre-tax rental fee for that booking. (Referral fee will be paid no more than 2 weeks after the date of the rental. Payment of the referral fee is delayed until after the event to ensure the event is not cancelled and full payment for the event is received.)

Who should you tell about Photo Booths by SKP?

- Friends

- Family

- Employers

- The PTO/PTA Chairperson at your child’s school

- The After-Prom Chairperson at your child’s school

- The local festival director

- Parents of High School Seniors

- Class Reunion Coordinators

- Business Owners

- Wedding Planners

- Wedding Venue Coordinators

- Hotel Sales Staff

What events are best suited for a photo booth?

- Weddings

- Corporate Holiday Parties

- Customer Appreciation Events

- Employee Appreciation Parties

- Elementary School Family Fun Nights and Fall Festivals

- High School After-Prom

- Birthday Parties

- Graduation Parties

- Bar and Bat Mitzvah’s

- Festivals

- Special Events

- Class Reunions

- Family Reunions

- Homecoming Celebrations

Where do we travel with our Photo Booth?

- Photo Booths by SKP provides photo booths for events within a 200 mile radius of Des Moines including the entire state of Iowa, Omaha, and Kansas City. (There are travel fees based on the distance of the rental location from Des Moines and the rental package option selected.)

Besides telling people about Photo Booths by SKP directly there are other ways you can “refer” people to us including:

- Recommending us when people post on Facebook (especially in Iowa Buy/Sell/Trade or Iowa Buy, Sell, Trade groups) looking for recommendations for a photo booth provider for their event (tag us @Photoboothsbyskp in the post so we know you recommended us)

- Providing us with contacts for events, festivals, or companies who might be considering photo booths for their events so we can reach out to them about Photo Booths by SKP

- Sharing, liking, or commenting on Facebook and Instagram posts, such as the one advertising our “Love is in the Air Promotion, currently pinned to the top of the Photo Booths by SKP Facebook page

- Liking or following us on Facebook and Instagram (@Photoboothsbyskp on both)

- Sharing, liking, or commenting on posts on Instagram - If you rented from us in the past and haven’t already done so write a review of your experience on our Facebook Review Page

- Creating your own posts on your social media accounts promoting Photo Booths by SKP and tagging us in them so we know you posted them

- Liking, sharing, commenting on the Facebook Photo Album from your event

- Downloading and posting images from your photo booth rental to your Instagram or Facebook account

To refer people to Photo Booths by SKP you can:

- Give them our website address –

- Give them our email address –

- Give them our phone number – 515-446-9054

- Point them to our Facebook page –

- Give them the link to Request a Quote

The request a quote form includes a question asking how the person heard about us and from whom they heard about us if they selected “referral from a friend” as their answer.

Have Questions?

If you have any questions on our new Rental Referral Program or would like to get “registered” with us to ensure timely payment of any rental referral fees earned please contact us at or 515-446-9054.

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