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Jon and Carrie's Wedding

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This past Saturday, October 21, 2017, we had the privilege of providing the photo booth to #bringtheFUN, smiles, and laughter to #capturethespirit of Jon and Carrie Koch's wedding reception in Decorah, Iowa.

The wedding and the reception were held outdoors on a family members property about 10 miles outside of Deborah.  Following the wedding, members of the bridal party, the bride and grooms family members and friends enjoyed drinks and yard games before dinner was served by Luther College catering under the 40' x 80' white canopy which served as the reception hall.  

We set the enclosed photo booth, prop table, and memory album table up in a corner of the tent away from the dance floor and DJ located in the middle of the tent.  At 7:15pm when the DJ announced the start of the dance and that the photo booth would be opening at 7:30pm the rush began.  Immediately people were at the prop table trying to decide which hat, sunglasses, feather boa, mask, beads, or air guitar they were going to bring into the booth with them for their photos.  

From that point on we saw a steady stream of bridesmaids and groomsmen, parents and other family members, friends and of course Jon and Carrie come into and go out from the booth.  The 50 page memory album quickly filled up with strips of images captured in the booth and messages left for Jon and Carrie.  People left so many heartwarming messages that we ran out of space in the album before the night was through.  

I'm not quite sure how we did it, but we got images of Carrie and her entire family, all 9 of them, Jon and all of his groomsmen - 8 in all, and many other large groups.  At one point someone, upon seeing a large group exiting the booth even said, "is that a clown car" because it seemed like people just kept coming out.

Some of the many fun images, smiles, and laughter that took place in the booth throughout the night can be seen in the pictures accompanying this blog post.  To see all of the images go to Jon and Carrie's Wedding Photo Booth Images.  You can also check out the photo strips in the Jon and Carrie's Wedding Album on the albums page of our Facebook page.

It was fortunate that Jon and Carrie chose a canopy for their reception as this time the weather forecasters were not wrong and it did rain, often hard, throughout the reception.   While it certainly dampened the ground outside the reception hall the rain did not dampen the enthusiasm of the attendees who danced, drank, and took photos in the photo booth until it was time to catch the bus into Deborah to continue the celebration.  

After the reception was done we packed up the equipment and, in the rain loaded it into our truck, covered everything with two tarps, secured it all with tie downs, and headed for Des Moines - a short 3.5 hour trip home.  

We truly appreciate Jon and Carrie allowing us to be part of their special day.  We had a great time meeting the two of them, their family, and their friends while capturing images that will provide them with memories for a lifetime.

Congratulations Jon and Carrie!  We wish you the best as you begin your lives together as husband and wife and may every day be filled with fun, smiles, and laughter!

Shane and Susan Kiesner

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