4 Reasons Why Your Wedding Needs a Photo Booth

- fun, smiles, laughter, and love - We've taken thousands of photos in our photo booth and one of these can be found on the faces or in the eyes of everyone who's ever been in our booth.  In many cases you can see more than one.  Fun, smiles, laughter, and love don't discriminate based on age so kids from 1 to 93 have a great time in the booth.  Who wouldn't smile after seeing a picture of grandma with a feather boa, zebra striped fedora, and big, bright pink sunglasses on or a baby wearing a rainbow clown wig.  It helps that we have, as Nicole Findlay put it a, "giant prop wall" of items available to help create #FUN photos that make everyone smile.

- memories for you - As Rachel Cole said in her review after her wedding, "...and we had an absolute blast looking through the photo album (memory album) of all the pictures and notes from our guests."  We provide a second attendant for all our rentals in large part to ensure that a copy of every strip makes it's way into your memory album and so every guest is encouraged to leave a note for the bride and groom next to their strip.  While a picture is worth a thousand words the poignant thoughts left next to those pictures can be priceless!

- memories for your guests - In addition to printed photo strips, custom designed for your wedding, your guests can also send copies of their photo booth images to themselves via text or email or share their images with family and friends through their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts with our new social media kiosk.  In addition to the individual photos guests will also have the option to share an animated GIF composed of all their photo booth session images.  These images are available almost immediately after the end of the photo booth session.   The social media kiosk helps expand the reach of your wedding as family and friends who couldn't make it can still get a sense of the spirit of your reception and can even comment in real time on the photos as they are posted.

- digital copies for you and your guests - Each photo captured in the photo booth is uploaded to a gallery on our website after the event from which you and your guests can, free of charge, download any or all of the full-size, high resolution digital image files.  The files are password protected so others cannot download them, but we provide you and your guests with the password for access to all images.  We've had guests use these images for their thank you cards and for the profile picture on their social media accounts. 

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